1. Who owns the wallets in the account?

These are your personal wallets, no user has access to them. They were created in order to simplify your life when mining new currencies.

2. Can I change wallets to mine?

Yes, of course, you need press button "change wallet >>".

3. How are payments made?

Either you do this yourself by setting yourself the wallet of the corresponding coin, or through those support. In the future, the payment function from your personal account will be configured.

4. How fast can you start mining?

Auto tuning takes less than 1 minute

5. How fast is the switch to a new coin?

Five seconds

6. What is Daemon status?

This is the blockchain synchronization status of this coin. If it is red, then mining is impossible.

7. What is Wallet status?

This is the rpc wallet status, if it is red, then there are problems with payments.

8. What is pool status?

This is the status of this pool, if it is red, then mining is impossible.

9. What is ratio?

The higher this number, the more profitable it is to mine this coin at the moment. But do not forget that at the moment its impossible to bring some coins to the exchange website, and also do not forget about the fact that if you send large powers to a small coin, then its complexity will immediately increase and the ratio will greatly decrease.

10. How often are statistics updated?

Once a minute.

11. Why is coin 0 ratio?

We did not find orders on any exchange website. Either the coin rebranded and we will fix it soon